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Online blackjack

A game of chance and strategy, online blackjack allows everyone to test their skills and outdo the dealer in one of the most popular card games the humanity has invented. Online casino blackjack is a fairly fast-paced game that involves strategic thinking coupled with excellent knowledge of rules, because even a tiny mistake in action can lead to a loss of a card hand. According to a general belief, the game first appeared in the 16th century and since then it shows no signs of waning. It is still produced by many software providers and is now available in multiple variations that enrich user experience and make a player exhibit flexibility in every gaming situation. To find a proper blackjack game that would suit your personal style, read the casino reviews contained in this website for more details about the game of 21. For those who prefer wagering bitcoins, there are a few Bitcoin casinos reviewed here.


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The best online blackjack games available to SA players

Players are encouraged to read casino reviews published on this site as they will give a clue to the assortment of the best blackjack games offered to players from South Africa. Some of the most prominent titles with great odds that often exceed 99% are Vegas Downtown, European Blackjack, Spanish Blackjack, Pontoon, Atlantic City, Vegas Strip Blackjack and some other variations that have been immensely popular for many years. The best blackjack providers that SA players would come across in our recommended online casinos (and mobile casinos as well) are Microgaming, Playtech and NetEnt to name a few. SA players are encouraged to play blackjack online in our reviewed and vetted casinos.

Online blackjack rules

Knowing just the basics of the 21 game is enough to beat the dealer. However you may want to learn all ins and outs and explore a blackjack basic strategy to get the most out of each gaming situation. Anyway, a common blackjack table features a few marked areas on which the game software deals cards and also a dedicated area for wagers. SA players are advised to choose a table based on the available bankroll. As a rule, table limits vary widely with the minimum bet starting normally from $1 (or in other currency equivalent, for example, bitcoin).

After placing an acceptable bet, the game software start handling cards automatically: the player gets two cards and the opposite party, which is generally referred to as the dealer, also gets two cards, one of which is positioned face down. Note that in some blackjack online versions, e.g. Double Exposure, the dealer party plays with both cards showing.

In order to win in a specific round and get a real money prize, the player has to show a better outcome than the dealer. In online blackjack, the party that has collected more points than the opponent is declared to be winner. The only restriction is that the total score should not exceed 21 points. With that purpose, each card has a certain value: cards with numeric face values give 2 to 10 points, respectively; high cards jack, queen and king give 10 points each and; aces have an alternative value of 1 or 11, whichever is more helpful in completing a hand. Note that any initially dealt hand with an ace is considered a "soft hand", whilst all other hand combinations (with no ace in them) are called hard hands. Looking ahead a bit, it should be noted that a natural blackjack pays off 3:2, while all regular wins pay 1:1.

Player's actions in online casino blackjack

Once the first two cards are handled to each party, a player should decide what to do next in order to enhance the initial hand and make it as close to 21 as possible. Actually, if the first cards already add up to 21 points (for example, an ace and king), the player wins automatically, unless the dealer also has blackjack, in which case there is a tie (the bet is returned to the player).

Every blackjack game is equipped with a handful of control buttons that a player should click for a related play action. For example, a player may decide in favor of hitting (asking for an additional card for as many times as necessary) or standing (staying with the two initial cards). If the player goes over the total score of 21 as a result of hitting, the opponent (dealer) wins automatically and player loses his wager. There are more play options such as:

  • Split: Most online blackjack games allow for splitting a pair, e.g. two aces, into two separate hands. By the way, aces are strongly recommended to be split. In the majority of games, up to three splits are allowed except for splitting aces. Besides, many games allow doubling down after splitting.
  • Double Down: It may be fruitful in some cases to double the wager. If this action is chosen, the player also receives an additional card
  • Surrender: Some casino blackjack tables have a Surrender option (also known as Late Surrender). If the player sees an ace or any 10-value upcard in dealer's hand, he may want to surrender because high chances are there that the remaining facedown card would lead to dealer's having blackjack.

Dealer decisions in online blackjack

The opponent (dealer) always plays after the player. Actually, he can choose from only two actions: Hit or Stand. Dealer's moves are governed by a certain algorithm and are dependent on the cards currently held in dealer's hand. In classic blackjack, dealer can always draw to 16 and stand on all 17s, or alternatively, draw to 16 and hit on soft 17. Actually, this distinction has little effect on the gameplay but the player should be aware of this in any way. As soon as the dealer stops taking cards, the total score in dealer's and player's hands are compared and the winner is established.

Blackjack basic strategy: Winning a small fortune with math

Many inexperienced blackjack players have difficulty thinking over the best move with certain cards in the hand. Helping players decide on the right move is a blackjack strategy that explains what action to take depending on two factors: dealer's upcard and player's total score. Therefore, a proper move should be underpinned by two of these things. Basic strategies vary across blackjack versions because each modification in rules causes slight alterations in player's response to dealer's card. However, it is possible to sum up hard-and-fast rules that permeate across almost every blackjack game offered in online casinos:

  • Make sure to always stand on 17, 18, 19 and 20 if you have a hard hand
  • Press hit if you have 5, 6 or 7
  • Always split the pair of eights or aces and never split tens (do stand instead)
  • Double down on all 11s, if allowed. Otherwise, hit
  • Avoid taking insurance.

Many online casinos in South Africa offer a player to take insurance against dealer's blackjack. It works as follows: If dealer's upcard is an ace, a player may buy insurance at half the original bet. If dealer's facedown card displays 10, jack, queen or king (which means natural blackjack), a player will be paid 2 to 1 as insurance. The reason of avoiding this side bet is simple: the odds that the dealer will get any 10-value card are 4 to 9, so a player would more likely to lose on that bet.

Bonus wins in some blackjack games

In addition to regular wins, some online blackjack table have extra payouts for certain card combinations. For example, there is Perfect Pairs Blackjack (produced by RTG, Realistic and others) in which a player may receive three bonus payouts (up to 30:1) for hitting a Mixed, Colored or Perfect Pair (the min side bet of $1 is required). Other blackjack options with side bets and/or bonus payouts are:

  • Triple Sevens Progressive Blackjack (Microgaming). The jackpot is paid on landing three sevens of diamonds. There are also some smaller awards from the jackpot pool, like $50 for 2 same-suited sevens. A progressive blackjack from WGS has a bit different rules
  • Suit 'Em Up (RTG). The max bonus payout of 60 to 1 is awarded when the player gets a pair of suited aces. Some other combinations award 2 to 10 times the initial bet
  • Lucky Lucky (Felt Gaming). All bonus wins in this game are based on the first two cards of the player and dealer's upcard. The max payout of 200:1 is meant for getting three suited sevens.

By Brad Isaac
Updated: 05.06.2022

Online Blackjack FAQ

⭐ Can I play online blackjack for real money?
Yes, you can play blackjack games for real money if your casino balance have sufficient funds for betting.
⭐ Is online blackjack legal in South Africa?
Online blackjack games have a legal status in South Africa.
⭐ Is online blackjack rigged?
Responsible and licensed online casinos cooperate with only reliable game providers that develop blackjack games with unbiased odds.
⭐ How can I win in online blackjack?
You win 3:2 for getting natural blackjack and win 1:1 if your hand is higher than the dealer’s (without blackjack). Some blackjack games have side bets and bonus payouts that are higher than the mentioned prizes.
⭐ What are the winning odds in online blackjack?
Online blackjack is the best casino game in terms of payout percentage. Different blackjack variations offer player’s return between 97% and 99.5%, and even higher. Here are a few examples: Hi-Lo 13 European Blackjack (Microgaming) offers a 99.60% edge, Perfect Pairs Blackjack (RTG) – 99.46%, Super 21 Blackjack (RTG) – 98.94%. The potential return is maximized if you use an appropriate basic strategy for any given online blackjack.
⭐ What is the best online casino to play blackjack?
Some of the most recommended online casinos with many blackjack variants, fast withdrawals and fair gaming are: