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Craps is a famous dice game that has found its way to online casinos and became favorite pastime for many players from South Africa. In spite of its seemingly complex rules and cluttered table, it is actually a fairly simple game type with a clear set of rules that everyone is able to study and master. Many casino software providers design and release their own online craps but in fact, there are very few variations of this game. Craps payouts, craps odds and other essential aspects are almost identical regardless of the provider and graphical design of this game. On this website, you will find many online casino reviews that would be of much help if you want to come across a proper spot to play craps. You may even find here a few bitcoin casinos in which bitcoin bets are accepted. Many mobile casinos reviewed here have a couple of HTML5 craps games as well.


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How to play craps: Everything is easy and fun

A typical online craps table has many differently shaped areas which signify bet types. Though looking intricate and intimidating, they are nothing to worry about. A player, often called a shooter, first has to place a real money bet on Pass or Don't Pass. Among the great variety of options, these are the only bets accepted at the very beginning of a paid round. Bet sizes vary across game providers, with the minimum being $1 in most cases. A bet is placed by clicking on a needed chip and then on the preferred bet area on the virtual table.

When ready, a shooter clicks a related button to get the dice rolling. As there are always two dice thrown at a time, the outcome can be anywhere from 2 through 12. The first part of any casino craps round has three outcomes:

  • Pass bet wins on 7 and 11
  • Don't Pass wins on 2, 3 and 12
  • Neither bet wins on other numbers and the first part of the round ends.

If either bet is won, the craps payouts are 1 to 1, e.g. you have wagered $1 on pass bet and got 7. In this case, you are awarded $2 (the initial bet of $1 and the $1 win). As soon as the first part of the craps game is over, a player may place other bets available on the table. Some of them provide good craps odds, while others have poor winning probabilities and meager payouts.

Betting after a come-out roll in online craps

The first roll is known as "come-out roll" in craps games. If it results in 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10, the resulting number is established as a "point" and the game continues in accordance with the rules of craps. A player may place the following bets:

  • Come / Don't Come. They are equivalent to Pass / Don't Pass and can be placed at any time during the round. The come bet is announced winner if a 7 appears before the point; otherwise, a don't come bet wins. The four bets mentioned in this bullet point have one of the best edges (1.35% and 1.41%) and are recommended as a perfect betting option in craps gambling
  • Place bets, also known as Buy Bets. These are single-number bets put on individual numbers 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10. A SA player wins if the wagered number is rolled before any 7 is thrown. Payouts are 9:5 (for 4 and 10), 7:5 (for 5 and 9) and 7:6 (for 6 and 8). House edge varies between 1.52% and 6.67% so it pays to consider them as an option, especially in combination with multi-roll bets
  • Field bets. These are similar to the above, except that you bet on 3, 4, 9, 10 or 11 to appear on the next roll. Craps rules call them "single-roll bets"
  • Lay Bets. They are the exact opposite to Buy Bets. A player wins if the wagered number is thrown after a 7. A player has to pay a 5% commission on winnings
  • Big 6/8, Hard Ways, Any Craps and Any Seven should be avoided because of a very high house edge in any casino craps game.

Applying strategies in craps online

Craps payouts are determined by a bet type and specific game in some cases. As a rule, players are advised to wager on Pass/Come and Don't Pass/Don't Come as the most user-friendly bets with high edge. Besides, a player who wagers real money should study how to Take or Lay Odds in craps online because they have a zero house advantage and are thus beneficial to the utmost degree.

As any other luck-based online casino game, there are no efficient strategies in craps that would neutralize the house advantage. It is not a challenging task to study how to play craps if you keep a watchful eye on your current bankroll and do not let it go into the red. Some online casinos offer exclusive bonuses wagerable on craps.